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PB3D is coming along nicely, all the work that has been as of yet has been put up here, add us to your watch list for weekly updates.

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Team PB3D is industriously working away at getting a tech demo up and running. This will be a temporary test of PB3D, it will most likely be ugly and buggy, but it will show the engine, and show that yes, there is development going on in PB3D. This tech demo should take place soon, but an exact date is not yet known. Please register at Pb3d.net to receive email updates!

Here is what's done, taken directly from Speedballer's (Project Leader, Head Programmer) devlopment blog:

This week I was working on tweaking the chat a little as there were some problems with it. Unfortunately some screen shots were hijacked from the website (along with several others that haven't been posted). As such I had to make a private site for all the development activity. It saddens me that people are so desperate to play that they are attempting to hack the site to get the game.

As I work on stuff I will just continue to post into this thread. If you have any comment/questions feel free to start a thread in the general section.

I've already had a question about this development blog asking if I am just starting pb3d. NO. Pb3d has been in development sence July 3rd of 2006. It is over 2 years old and has been in development off and on sense then. I am starting this blog now to let people track the progress and see what I'm working on.

Fixed several bugs in the chat that weren't displaying messages in certain circumstances.

Right now every few levels you get a new sponsorship. You get a lump some of money to get you to the next sponsorship. Remember though to be careful or you might run out. (there will always be the cheapest gun and cheapest paintballs for free so if you miscalculate you just have to use the crappy equipment.

Working on getting the arena script working correctly. Having some issues with it that will hopefully be able to iron out over the next few days, wish me luck!

Today we tested the arena adder that one of the programers made. It allows us to turn on and off arenas while the server is live. This is critical as in the last test if an arena was buggy we'd have to close the entire server.
So now when the server starts we will have to load the arenas, this also allows us to turn off all arenas but one for a day or two to test each one.

Today I got the server restarter working. If for any reason the server happens to go offline it will automatically restart, and restart all the necessary services.

Matt redid all the menu's today and they LOOK AMAZING. When everyone gets in game make sure to send him a p.m. thanking him.

Getting ready for the July test, trying to finish a few things up first.

-Patcher u.i.
-Get the new character models in game and working
-Create 2 or 3 more arenas depending on time constraints.
-Clean up some of the messages in game, mispellings / choppy

As you can see, a tremendous amount of work has taken place on PB3D, so make sure to sign up at Pb3d.net so you can get email updates, and make sure to add our Moddb to your watch list as this will be updated weekly!

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