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Time for some remodelling and do some brand new modelling for our most recent level. If you want to see our fourth level shaped up, come here to take a peek!

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Greetings everyone! Welcome back to this exciting weekly article of Chama!

Having a great advancement with the development of the new level, we decided as we develop the fourth level, we would progressively remodel the other levels, for greater consistency and a more pleasing colour palette. So, prepare yourselves and get ready to witness some hot stuff!

Building up the 4th Level

From the concepts we shown in the previous devlog of each room inside the house, we modelled each room in 3D form, having in the beginning lack of content and inconstant colour values, but with a few experiences and discussions between all the team members we got where we wanted.

bedroom finalHare's bedroom mostly finalised

hallway final

Hallway mostly finalised

stairs final

Staircase mostly finalised

living room final

Living Room mostly finalised

garage finalGarage mostly finalised

We started doing the outside part of the level, being the hare’s front yard, the final part of the fourth level, but we’ll leave that for the next devlog, we can’t just reveal everything in a go.

Remodelling the previous areas

This week been really cloudy and rainy around here in Portugal, perfect to be at home working. And speaking of which, we studied and did experiments with water animation! From the second level to the HUB area.

In the HUB area of our game, we remodelled mostly everything, from the building to the textures of the side walk, turning the walkway to a road. Around the second level, we changed the water animation on the well and a few textures.

HUB Area

boomOverall view of the HUB

fontesplashFountain Animation

Level 2 Area


Overall View of the Second Level

ezgif com video to gif5

Animation of the water on the well


Even if we remodelled a level various times, it can take quite a few tries to get what we want, what’s important is that we are developing for the greater and never for the worse. We been putting our hearts and our sleep schedule for this game, and we hope it can bring entertainment and excitement when we get to publish our project.

For now, that’s all for this week’s article!

We’ll be waiting for you guys next week again! Hope you enjoyed this warm devlog for this following colder days!


I'm a European Portuguese translator if you're ever looking for one to add to your team!

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Thanks for your interess but we already have a translator.
Despite that, we will keep your contact!!
Thanks!! :)

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Estou a acompanhar e a gostar de ver o desenvolvimento deste jogo. mantenham a "chama" acesa. Parabéns.

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Hey! Ficamos todos muito agradecidos pelo apoio!!
Ahahahah muito obrigado mais uma vez! Novas actualizações do jogo em breve!!

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I think the fire element is a central pivot to your game so you should focus a lot more on the fire effect, it looks like a placeholder at the moment

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Hey! Thanks for your opinion! We are currently working on it!
You are welcomed to say some suggestions about this subject! Thank you again!!

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