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How about a quick tour around Idiocracy, Inc's office? Follow me!

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Idiocracy, Inc.

No.1 Idiot's Democracy

Today I will introduce you to our offices in Pangyo, South Korea. Shall we begin?

Let's start with the outside! Some of these pictures were taken during spring and Korea is beautiful this time of the year!


On the way to work from the subway station you cross this small bridge. It's awesome to have this view everyday when walking to work.


The building right in the center of the picture is NC Soft's headquarters! We also have Webzen, NHN Entertainment, Nexon and Smilegate as neighbors!


I can't get enough of South Korea. Beautiful country! (I'm not Korean though, if that wasn't obvious)


I had to stop and take pictures of all the Cherry Blossoms over here.


The entrance to our office. Yep, the office is pink! Our logo also looks pretty good here.


When you turn left at the entrance you are welcomed by certificates a star wars movie poster (?) and a very welcoming "I don't give a *** " sign.

A large Red Beard statue to welcome everyone into the office.


We love collecting action figures, comic books and other stuff! You can see here some action figures from FarCry 4, Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed, etc.


And of course, we're working on our own mini figures! This is Lightning Beard, one of the many characters from our first game Pirates War - The Dice King!


Some posters, deck of cards and soundtrack CDs for Pirates War. And some other stuff not related to our game (Amiibos, legos(?), playmobil, etc.)

There are currently 17 people working on developing mobile games. Pirates War is just the first of many more to come!

All idiots hard at work!


My desk! :P


Our meeting room (the place where many ideas come to die...and others turn into games).


That's all folks. The office isn't too big. But suits us well for now!

If you are curious about the game check our facebook page .

Have an awesome week ^^


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