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Hey there, we are currenlty working on a game called NeoWars. The game has actually a predecessor from 2011, called Neo Circuit. NeoCircuit was originally inspired by TentacleWars and Galcon. We are working on the game since December 2015 and hope to release somewhere end of March/mid of April 2016.

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We are a two people team, a programmer and an artist with quite some experience. This is our real first full time indie endeavor.
Sound was done by a good friend, who is a professional sound engineer. Some gfx effects/shaders were done by a technical artist also a good friend. The game is developed in Unity3D.

Features Gomez

  • Tactical gameplay on 3-5 different environments
  • Story driven campaign with 50+ Planets to conquer (Levels)
  • Static and temporary barriers which can also be destroyed.
  • 4 different permanent node upgrades
  • Up to 35 different temporary buffs/debuffs for friendly and enemy nodes, barrier and the whole playfield with 5 different rarities
  • Advanced enemy AI with up to 3 opponents on a single map.
  • Buffs/Debuffs are packed into a gear set which can be gathered on a level success
  • Destroyed nodes give some energy back to their remaining allied nodes
  • F2P model for mobile version - watch videos and buy packs of gear (gacha system)
  • 8 different layers of music depending on the playing situation and decent sfx

Additional/Planned features after mobile release (only if we can earn some money on mobile)

  • Multiplayer planned if we do a Steam version
  • Leveleditor planned if we do a Steam version


  • Android/iOS version - playable on tablets and phones
  • Steam, (only if we can earn some money in mobile), as we will make more content and probably get rid of the F2P model

Storyline Well, hello there!
Four mega cooperations fight over a resource called Retron, in a galaxy far away. You are the commander of NEO MegaCorp controlling a mothership with high end harvesting equipment. Your harvesters land on the planet and need to conquer all available resource fields to control all the available Retron.

Be aware, your enemies have the same intention, clever commanders and mean tricks. You can improve your harvester with different equipment to make them more versatile, but so can your enemies. Build an efficient network of harvester and transfer your Retron where it needs to be, to destroy your opponents!

What happend in the last 3 month

  • Core gameplay features done
  • All buffs/debuffs working
  • AI is playing not too bad and also using its gear
  • Ingame level editor is working nicley, more info will follow
  • Basic UI screens in its first iteration, all of them will change
  • Music and sfx

What is still missing

  • Most of the UI screens are currenlty reworked
  • Some effects for the buffs/debuffs
  • The commanders and all the dialogs/story around those
  • Level editing and balancing
  • Gear balancing (Gear is as set of buffs/debuffs/upgrades)
  • Gear/Level unlocking and pacing of the whole game
  • AI improvement on Gear usage and defense/attack tactics
  • Ads/Shop/Game Center ..all that mobile crap...
  • Polish the f*** out of it! Smiley

The game is about 50%-60% done. So still lots of stuff todo. We will keep you posted about the progress.

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