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You’re often asking about the progress on Yacht Mechanic Simulator. We’ll be more than happy to answer those questions today!

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☀️ Hello everyone! ☀️

You’re often asking about the progress on Yacht Mechanic Simulator. We’ll be more than happy to answer those questions today!

We’re working hard to provide you with an enjoyable experience of bringing old yachts to life. We have two models fully finished and we’re preparing more, to give you a variety of boats to choose from. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if we tweaked the first two, as we come back to them with a fresh mind later!

When it comes to the overall look of the game, we already achieved great quality. However, we’re perfectionists at heart, so we continue working on this part as well, until we are honestly satisfied with the looks. This is going to be a realistic game; sadly, we won’t be able to give you the feel of the sea breeze, but we can help your imagination to do the job.

Speaking of ideas - there are some parts of the game where the gameplay must speak for itself, instead of forcing you to fill in the blanks with your imagination. We pay great attention to even the smallest details, to make sure that the direct work on the yacht won’t be clunky. With that in mind, we already finished most of the mechanics and animations.

In real life, screwing parts has its physics and those can’t be altered. Otherwise, the whole construction won’t hold together for a long time. To develop the same mechanics, we watched closely what the process of fixing real boats looks like and then we successfully transferred it into the game. Sometimes imitation is the best way of doing something right.

Developing the deck cleaning mechanic was really time consuming, because of how complex it is. You will have to get rid of the old furniture, walls, floors, lights. It will also be a good idea to refresh the whole interior before you start arranging it from scratch and modernising it. It does sound like a step-by-step process and we had to make sure that each of those steps is working properly.

You know what kept us awake at night? Side-washing the yacht! You’ll get to use a hose with water under high pressure and, believe us, animating it was a real challenge. Water interacts differently with different surfaces, so we needed to adjust the animations to make sure the process feels natural.

The mechanic of exchanging parts is also finished, as we’re working simultaneously on other games and we’re trying to use similar methods across titles from our portfolio. What was also very helpful was our own experience with yachts - all this combined helped us make this mechanic very realistic.

With all of those features finished, we can focus on the remaining elements of the process. Mechanically, the biggest challenge for us, so far, was the yacht’s engine and replacing it, so we keep on polishing that part.

Phew… That’s a lot!
It was just a brief recap on some of the changes, but we already can’t wait to share the future updates with you. Stay tuned!

Image Power Team

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