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This devlog shows the changes we made between 0.11 and 0.12. We worked on the graphics and made sure the game ran fine during a 3-day exhibition.

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It’s time for yet another devlog! Version 0.12 is ready and shiny. So, what have we been up to?

Graphical Pass

We took a couple of days to replace some of the placeholders with better assets. The walls, gold cube, ground, balls, attack trails, and general lighting of the game have been reworked on to get at first pass that looks a lot better ! It’s still far from what the artists want, but we’re getting there !

Sans titre

Here’s Argès, one of the 4 balls of the game:


Artistic direction

Our artist finally decided on a theme for the universe of the game.

render poster 1

Think prohibition period, USA-1920s. Telekinesis is a thing everybody has, but you get hurt when an object you control gets destroyed. That’s why this game was forbidden.

flyer2 recto vec


I wanted a good feeling for when destroying another player. I wanted it to be rewarding for both players. After playing around with Fracture (the destructible mesh engine for UE4), we now have destructible meshes when a player gets killed. See it in action (quality is real crap, I'm still a gif noob):


Numerik Games

September 2-4 was our first public exhibition of Everblind (which, by the way, is the name we’ve settled for).

numerik games

The setup with a table and controllers on each side worked really well. It makes for a different experience when playing. The only downside was that the table was a bit low, so playing too long caused a bit of a pain in the neck. We’ll fix that with future prototypes of the table.

The player’s feedbacks were excellent. What we noticed is that because of the game’s mechanics being a bit “experimental”, our tutorial needs to be more gentle; at the moment we introduce all the mechanics in one lobby level. So we’re working on getting the players into the game at a more gentle pace.

Some of our game designer friends confirmed that the core mechanic is solid, and also advised us to now brainstorm the different objectives, modes and design possibilities in the game to expand and solidify even more the design.


Having decided a name, we set up all the social media stuff. Check out Everblind.com<, follow us @everblindgame on twitter or on Facebook.com to get the latest updates on the game. Share the word, it helps us a lot !

carte visite recto2 2

What’s next

Here’s what we’re planning for the next version, 0.13.

A couple of other events are coming up, and we want the game to be autonomous for these festivals. This means a better tutorial and game loop so that players won’t need us explaining the game.

There will also be a focus on the UI for this version, just for the looks.

Finally, we’ll brainstorm as hard as we can to figure out neat ideas and game modes to get the most fun out of this game! If you have any ideas, drop them in the comments, we’ll be happy to discuss!


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