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Explaining the functionality of our base building system with regards to power and new elements

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Hey folks,

in the last devlog I ended with teasing some kind of mystery cube. Here comes the explanation...

FivePowerCubes 3MB

The cubes you see here are power markers. Corresponding to our damage types, there is physical, fire, air, water and arcane power. Power markers are the "output" of power generators. You place power consuming elements on them to be — you might have guessed it — powered.

PoweringDispenser 3MB

The new power consuming building element you see here is an explosive flask dispenser.

DispenserLine 3MB

This is where base building starts to tie into combat. If powered, the flask dispenser fires explosive flasks at enemies that are unlucky enough to be kited in front of the dispenser by the player.

DispenserLineFiring 3MB

Now, what's next for me to do is fleshing out the system with more buildable elements and connecting all of this to another already existing system, which I will talk about in the next devlog.

Thanks for reading! If you liked this devlog, maybe consider joining our Discord.

Have great weekend!


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