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Does the Chicken Assassin look mad? He's actually really happy, because soon you all get to see him in action!

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Chicken Assassin is nearing our first playable build! That means VERY SOON, there will be a way for individuals to get their hands on it and we will be getting into the testing phase of the game with a limited amount of content so as not to spoil the full game upon release.

Our responses and interest for Chicken Assassin have gone up. our rank on IndieDB has steadily climbed and our work has been every night, all night. Saving only 5 hours for sleep and the rest of the time used for creating the most amazing PC Action/RPG of all time!

Our gameplay footage will highlight the following changes:
1.New option to leave the battle areas at any time and go back to the resource screen
2.Soul icons are updated to be more interesting look
3.Treasure chest Item Drops are debugged
4.Loot stacks are in progress and being fixed
5.New Particles for clicking enemies!
6.More balancing of stats and updates in general.


Not featured in this footage and coming next time for Chicken Assassin:
1.Audio clips for fighting, hitting, clicking, etc.!
2.New Main Menu - Looking AWESOME
3.Game Save/Load XML serialization tutorial

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