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Hi everyone! Today for our eighth Devlog we want to give a look to some more assets. This time for the castle

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So Lets begin by showing off the Castle Wall

Castle Wall

Next we have 1 of 2 towers

Round Tower

Round Tower

And for the 2nd one a simple Square tower

Square Tower

To complete the castle walls only thing missing is the Gate. In the Game The doors will open once a switch is hit with an arrow

Castle Gate

Now that the castle was a way to keep people safe with its walls its time for the main castle

Castle Keep

Main castle seems basic right, thats because its only a cube that will then be turned into a real castle with aid of other parts. This can be seen better in game when the blockout gets completly replaced with the assets.

With this we still need some more assets to cover in the next devloag aswell has character models

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