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Want to check new updates on our cutscnees and still images? We also got to work on our score system for the levels ranking. Come check if interested!

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Hey hey everyone!

Hope all of you are having a good day! Because for us it’s going a bit slow these last days, but we doing our best!

Seems like the universe doesn’t want us to work this week, but here we are, making progress in our dear game!

We also wanted to tell you that the live stream that GameDev Awards Student Edition made last week, we were nominated but didn’t win first prize. Kind of a shame, but we’re glad we even got nominated to the awards.

That’s the most exciting news we wanted to give you guys, now we procced to our devlog! Let’s get ready for it!!

Continuity of Still images and Cutscene art development

As the background artist finished all the background scenes for the cutscenes, he went to help with other game departments that need more attention and time to it. The last elements needed for the conclusions of these cutscenes are the characters and the animations of all the elements within the cinematics.

cutscene 1  panel 4Cutscene 1 - panel 4

cutscene 1  panel 5

Cutscene 1 - panel 5

As for the still images, since the character artist is currently working on the cutscene art, the backgrounds for these are fully complete but most of them without the characters.

still imagesAll the still images (currently under development)

Dual language dialogue system

Currently one of the artists is translating the dialogue and story for all levels and Hub interactions, writing in the 2 distinct languages (English and Portuguese). Here bellow is where the dialogue is written to appear inside the game:

ezgif com gif maker 1

Score System and others

As we go forward with out project with all the bases set, we go for more detailed departments like, one example, the ranking system of each level. In which can be a very complex system to create and organise since there is a lot of different elements to attribute values and what is the most correct value to give to that element depending on the player’s performance.

This is one of the systems we’re trying to do, having a big list of points and penalties to them.


Other than that, we’re still in the process of building up the new hub and other levels to make it easier to work with and also organise information.

Quite a headache, but it will somehow manage to save us more time than working with disorganised scene compositions.


Well, that was 2 weeks of work, hope you guys enjoyed these little minutes spent reading this short devlog!

Look forward to the next ones also, until there’s no one updates on Chama, which is still going to take quite some time, so don’t worry, we’ll be here for quite a while!

Anyhow, we wish you a rest of a good day and don’t forget to eat your daily croissant and a very nice cup of tea!

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