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Another look at this weeks exciting new updates :)

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Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been a bit exciting, since there has been a lot of work done on getting TLL ready to be put on steam! Now we still have a lot of work before we can release it to everyone through early access, but just having the game on steam is a big step forward towards that goal! We also have been working on Steam Workshop integration at the same time!

Other things that have been done this week include:

  • Minor UI changes, and fixes to make the UI scale properly.
  • Now when going out of bounds, the game will warn you with a timer, and reset you.
  • Minor optimization improvements.
  • Updates to ship building, including the bounding box being made larger, and it is now a lot easier to tell if you are placing a block inside the area of another block. also now you can move your ship design around inside the bounding box with the arrow keys, and Pg Up and Down.
  • Improvements on the Battle Seas/ Sequential Battle gamemode, and being able to start over at any time during it.
  • Minor improvements to the tutorials.

Lasty for this week, We have a great gameplay video to show you! It is footage of a couple pretty intense fights in the Battle Seas gamemode, and all in buttery 60FPS goodness!

See you next week!

-Kimmy T

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