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Update demo version 1.5.19: This week update the Main and Option Menu's button and font for a better presentation.

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Hello and welcome to the latest news and update Devlogs to Star Blitz X the demo. This week we updated the main and option menu's with improve button and fonts along with adding a hit meter of the earth. Now we are offering for more feedback on the latest version as we prepare to launch by the fall of this year.

Fix and Update

(Main Menu)

  • Change the button to match the design for the rest of the menus.
  • Enlarge the fonts to be readable.
  • There is an optional to use the keyboard arrows to navigate the buttons.

(Options Menu)

  • Included the 10 screen resolution choice, 6 graphic quality choice and full screen.
  • There are optional to navigate the option menu buttons using the keyboard arrows.
  • Include the sliders to the music and SFX volume not just the option menu, but also within the pause menu.

(HUD Hit Meter)

  • Added the new game mechanic HUD that reads the amount of hits on the Earth that range from 0 to 10 on the bottom of the mid screen.
  • After the fourth hits the font becomes orange and starts to beep, but after reaching the ninth hit the font becomes red and beeps faster until the ten and final hit for game over.

For now, it' solely available for the PC, but we are working and update the ISO version and it will be available later this year.

It's available for free download at Gamejolt.com or Indiedb.com

Until then, thank you for your support.
We will test to feedback your game if you are willing to test for feedback our game.

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