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Time for some fixes and add more mechanics! The development been slow due to some changes in the team. Come check to see what's been happening around Chama!

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Hey hey there people! We know, it’s been quite a while.

The development of Chama has been quite slow lately, but we’ll explain why don’t worry!

We’ll still continue with our dear project like always!!

Team Organisation and what comes next

It’s been really hard for us to put a constant development in Chama at the moment, since our leader received an opportunity at a bigger company, a new path for his career! We’re glad he got into a big company!

And since he’s working full time there, it been hard for the rest of the team to progress the project without the constant monitoring of the leader. The other members found to be a bit lost in development process. So, from this week forward, the development will be even slower than anticipated. We hope you can understand our situation.

Level Fixes and additions

This week, it was focused in fixes around the level and was added some more mechanics:

- Fixed inconsistencies with wood.

bug fixes 1

- Broken wood now shows when it should.

- Player can't clear level before garage now.

- Added filler dialogue.

bug fixes 2

- Fixed Overlapping Text and Dialogue.

- Minor bugs with wood disappearing and appearing in wrong places.

- Rabbit now has a swing animation when breaking wood


The ranking system is also in development, adding different expressions to the Ana Fox depending on the ranking. We’ll show it to you next week!


Thank you again for being here like always! Even though we’ve been posting less regularly!

We’re glad for all the support you’ve all been giving!! We appreciate it all!

Hope we see you all next week and don’t forget to stay safe above everything else. We can surpass these rough times if we believe!

See you all next week!

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