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This week we're going to focus on developing game hazards in level 4 and optimizing some other assets. Come check if you're interested! :>

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Heyo wonderful people! Time for another devlog!!

March is here and so spring is almost coming, a very beautiful time of the year! A good time to make projects blossom right? This week we're going to focus on developing game hazards in level 4 and optimizing some other assets.

Anyhow, let’s get to this nice but short weekly devlog!

Ranks in The Level Completion

From the previous devlog we explained what every level has to offer in terms of rewards in the end of each level and what each rank can bring to the player.

This week were made illustrations of each rank that the player would get in the end of the levels. Instead of having the usual attribution of diamond, gold, silver and iron for the letters, the better the rank, less burnt and shinier the wood would be for each letter.


More Asset changes

And so, we continue with enriching the environment of level 5. It was decided the trees and grass textures could look better a bit less pointy and somewhat more “realistic”. New textures of leaves and new models of tree trunk and branches were made, bringing more life to the place. Always blooming new stuff to our game.

tree concepts

more tree concepts

level 5 new treesThe environment of level 5 with the new trees, textures and wind power plants

Continuation of developing level hazards

The challenges in level 4 continue to be developed. To allow the player to face certain difficulties, some paths will be blocked once the characters gets near of objectives, showing to the player progression in the level but at the same time slowing down progression.

The following animation shows a particular animation of boxes that are going to fall and block a certain path in the garage part of the level.


Animation of one box falling down to block the playerps path


Thank you for reading this article, really! We are almost reaching 50 devlog articles! Impressive right?

We’re here to also remember that we’re really sorry that the build we had in our itch.io had to be removed due to personal reasons. We might put it back in the future, but for now it’s no longer available, unfortunately.

Have a nice week and stay safe everyone! Everything will get better in the future!

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