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Post news RSS DevLog #4 Water Cannons and Tutorials!

This week, We have water cannons and Tutorials added, along with a few more additions!

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Happy Friday!

Another week, another set of updates to talk about! This week's devlog is a short one, but a few great updates were still done! Such as:

  • Work on a tier system for the Battle Seas gamemode was started

  • A water cannon has been implemented, which can be used to put out fires that may have started on your ship from fiery projectiles! It also doubles as a weapon that can be used to exert forces onto blocks and destroy them!

  • There has been a lot of work on the new tutorial system, Which should help beginner players to know what they are doing!

  • More work has been done on the telescope, adding support for spotting more than just enemy vessels.

  • “Grave markers” have been added to show where a boat was destroyed, and are able to be spotted by the telescope

Lastly, so we don’t leave you short handed, here is a couple pretty cool GIFs, one which shows how land structures have destruction physics too!



See you next week!


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