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The third devlog for RitualPixels, in which I show off the games combat and UI, both of which have been worked on heavily as of late.

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Welcome to the third RitualPixels devlog!

Well it turns out I am really bad at making this weekly, so almost-but-not-quite weekly will have to do I guess =D

Regardless, this week...'s I have been working a lot on the games combat and UI, and I am currently in the process of implementing actual abilities both in terms of there gameplay and there UI, which is quite exciting!

Firstly to combat, for which I have made this little GIF to show off a little more, as pictures don't really communicate it all that well I feel.


Neat is it not?

I've been trying to make it so that the combat has a bit more depth to it, such as implementing basic stealth mechanics for example, in which enemies will only see you if you attack them or if there looking at you.

Along with this I am working on encouraging movement from players with the games animations, making attacks powerful yet also have a vary noticeably drawn-out animation which the player must try to avoid as to not get hit, thus encouraging movement during combat, which really adds depth to the system as a whole in my opinion.

Going along with combat, I have been busy implementing health and mana globes into the game, drawing up a nice little set of frames for each of them, the health globe even blends between colours based on how much damage has been taking thus far, starting off green, transitioning to a rich red as you take more and more damage.


I'm currently planning on having the mage use mana, the barbarian use rage, the thief use combo points, and the engineer use a resource that I like to call 'Potential' due to how it plays into the engineers use of various technologies. All of these four different resources will get there own globe of course!

Other then those two things, I have also been implementing gear and equipment into the game as well, tho I lack much in the way of graphics to show of this system, it will play a big role later on when it comes to adding player progression.

And that about raps it up for this devlog, thanks to all whom spared a moment to read this, I hope you enjoyed it, do say what you think in the comments along with any questions you may have, ill be sure to respond when I get a chance.

Till next time!

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