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This devlog is about how we implemented the base evacuation mission.

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Hello everyone!

This month, we have done a lot of work on a new mission type, called base evacuation! In this mission type, the resistance will need to hold up the invaders long enough for the evacuation. Let's see how it works in detail.

Campaign side

whole map

A quick reminder of how rebel bases work. Every region has multiple territories, and the resistance can have one secret base per region, in one of the territories. If at any point the territory with the base loses all loyalty to the resistance, the rebel base will be exposed, and the base will be attacked by the army that caused the loyalty loss. So managing the loyalty of territories with a rebel base will be very important if the player wants to avoid this kind of mission.

In case there are other valid territories for the resistance base in this region (so territories with non-zero loyalty), then the base evacuation mission will trigger. How much of the base will be evacuated will depend on the performance of the player on the mission. On a failed mission, or if there are no valid territories to evacuate the base is automatically destroyed.

Combat side

The combat map will be generated using the rooms that have been built in the campaign layer for the base. A reminder of how it looks in the campaign layer:

campaign base

Every buildable room has a combat map equivalent. Few examples of parts of the different rooms:

scrying inside

smithy inside

black market inside

laboratory inside

The mission itself will be the inverse of what the resistance is used to. The mission starts with the resistance units semi-randomly placed around in the base, with the enemy's first wave teleporting in. The player will have 1 round to try and make the best of the given situation, but depending on the circumstance, it can be a very tough fight!

Zoomed out map

The player units can retreat at any point like in a normal mission, but the objective is to defeat 3 waves of enemies. The end result depends on how many waves have been defeated. In case of 1, the base will be evacuated, but the rooms are lost. In case of 2, a random 2 rooms have been evacuated as well, and in case of 3, the full base has been successfully evacuated.

Closing thoughts

Unrelated, but a piece of very good news is that we have found a great composer who did a great job creating custom-made music for the game. Thanks to this, we will have control over the copyrights of these tracks, so there won't be any issue for content creators who will want to create videos about our new demo! While you will need to wait for the demo to check out the tracks themselves, but the composer has a Youtube page with great tracks if you are curious about what to expect here.

So that's it for today's devlog! As always, if you like what you see and want to show your support, the best way to do that right now is to wishlist the game on Steam here or join our Discord here. Otherwise, see you next time!

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