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Post news RSS DevLog #2 - Gender Swap!

In this post we will be showcasing our general character ideas and some changes we made this week.

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Hi All!

We're really excited about today's post because we had a major change in our game narrative!

For those of you who don't know, our narrative was told through a grandfather telling his grand kid what happened during the military regime in Portugal in 1974.
After a lot of research and asking around, we have decided that our main character(the grandparent) will be a woman, and not a man.
This major change came up because we wanted to portray a strong female during a major event in Portuguese history!

Before this decision, our character sketches looked something like this:

image 2022 04 21 113124790

We got most of our clothes from the Portuguese fashion in the 70's. Pictures from google, interviews from back then, and asking our grandparents, who were around the age of our main character in the 70's.
With him being male, we wanted to portray him as a sheep so that he could represent a docile and even goofy personality.

After our decision, our character sketches are looking something like this:

image 2022 04 21 115122117

In this sketch, we still went for the clothes from the 70's, and did the same kind of research as the male character. The personality we want to portray is pretty similar, with the only difference being that she is not going to be portrayed as goofy, but more of a serious woman that is tired of the situation in Portugal at that time and wants to be part of the change in the Political atmosphere of the country.

As you can see, at first, this change isn't huge, but for us it represents a big part of the message we want to convey to the player.

image 2022 04 21 115902851image 2022 04 21 115844582

Making this change was huge for our project, and some things that didn't make sense in our story suddenly started fitting nicely after this iteration.

That's it for this week everyone!
We'll see you next week!

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With Love, MMS.

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