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Post news RSS Devlog #21 Adding details to the combat map

This devlog is about the reworked look of the combat portion of the game.

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Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday season and let me welcome you to this year's first devlog about Slaves of Magic! I think we start this year with a bang, as we have completed the first finished tileset for the game.

Changes since the demo

People who have taken a closer look at the game's campaign map could notice, that generally, it has 4 regions. Every region will have its own tileset and the ones you will see in the pictures are based on a temperate climate with medieval European architecture.

temple inside 1

In the picture, you can see the reworked temple. It received a lot more details all around, plus as you can see we have added light emitting wall torches as well, rather than the old standing ones.

temple outside

But that is not the only change for the temple! We have added some environmental storytelling as well. These temples are repurposed by the invaders as a base of operation, as they masquerade as the returned gods. They have erected new statuses to their image, as they try to destroy and replace all kinds of depictions of the old gods.

temple secret

You can find some quite worrisome sights if you take a look into the priest's private room. You can only guess what kind of experiments they are conducting in secret! In addition, you can see that the lighting system has been reworked to support multiple colors of light as well.

But of course, that is just one of the many hand-made tilesets that have been created for this region. While I want to leave some for you to explore in the game, I want to show you one additional smaller tileset, which has some interesting new features as well.

damaged walls

As you can see, we have added support for the visual representation of damage to the environment. You will be able to find ruined houses like this one by default, but this was done in preparation to support environmental destruction so that combat can destroy houses as well! We just need to actually add skills that destroy walls and obstacles!

Closing thoughts

So that's it for today's devlog! As always, if you like what you see and want to show your support, the best way to do that right now is to wishlist the game on Steam here or join our Discord here. Otherwise, see you next time!

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