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One day's worth of updates and additions to the game!

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Hey guys!

I don't know about everyone else, and how you guys develop your games, but we're working chronologically through the game. Like, everything we do is the next thing to be added to the game, basically. Except for a lot of the scripts, I guess. The script for the entire game is done, except for some of the final scene.

I feel a lot of pressure writing that last scene. It's really important and I want it to be as good as it can be. The whole payoff of the game is ridiculous, so we gotta find a satisfying way of doing it. Anyway, enough about that.

We got another scene put into the game today! It's a longer one, with a big conversation and a quiz. Like back in banjo-kazooie. Everyone loved that quiz, right? Except we did away with the penalties. It's supposed to be funny, not frustrating.

Also here, have this little animation. A lot of the game is animated like the work of Graham Annable, or Grickle, whom we are all huge fans of. It's also just a simple and cheap way to do animations, since we don't have a dedicated animator.

It's exciting though! The scenes we got in today are close to the end game, and all the assets up until the final scene are done! Which is pretty dope. We're hyped about it. Just a few more scenes and then I really have to sit down and finish that script. After that, shitloads of polish.

What a ride.


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