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Post news RSS Devlog #2 - Gameplay Demonstration

A peek at a gameplay demonstration of the current state of "Anything but Dark", featuring a boss level that puts the player's skills to the test.

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Hey guys! Today we'll be sharing the current state of "Anything but Dark" by showcasing a recent prototype of a boss level. It is worth nothing that the animations are not final and will be improved in the future.

Epilepsy Warning: The video demonstration rapidly flashing imagery at certain points, mainly of colours being swapped rapidly, please view it with care.

This level was designed with the intention of causing a feeling of anxiety in the player, by making use of an entity that persecutes the player for its duration. Currently this entity is represented by a moving wall with spikes attached, whick is a placeholder that is meant to represent danger and bring about a sense of hurry in the players as to not die to their hunter.

During this segment, the player has different paths available at certain points to pass through them. There is also a necessity to choose between them without thinking too long, as the boss approaches quickly and can catch up if too much time is taken while deciding on one route over another. This design choice lends to the desired feel of the level, as it is meant to heighten the sensation of anxiety felt while playing, putting pressure on the player to perform at the peak of their ability.

With all this being said, check out the gameplay in the video below and we hope you enjoy what you're about to see!

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