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Devlog #2 - Feature: Characters. In this post I talk about Characters, and how they work

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Characters are entities controlled by players. Selectable characters.

Players can select characters created by them, or downloaded form the community.

A character has a list of different atributes (hp, defense, strength, speed, starting items...), and special functionalities/scripts called "action sets", that we're going to feature another day.


We'll talk about the editor other day, but here is a screen so you can take a little peek on it ;).

Let me show you some examples of characters that I've made using the editor


The classic one! It has a sword as a starting item, and 3 health points

Red Link

A variant of the classic Link but red. Same stats.


I made this one for fun! Unlimited rocks, but 1 health point. Not all the monster are bad guys, right? :)

All of these were created using the editor, with only a portion of the full potential of it.

Possibilities are endless, and if there is something not possible, we'll make sure of make it possible.

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