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Devlog #2 is here, with a new city created, a new monster, and more!

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These three weeks flew by quickly, especially since I was out of town for the a week, but I still got some work done! Here are the most exciting additions.

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Building a City

I wanted to try my hand at taking our blocking of Ezeki to the next level, so I spent a day chugging along at that. It took a while to get the scale right, and I’m still not completely happy with it, but I think it’s an awesome start. The buildings are still blocked out, but at least have rooms.

I also added interactable signs, although it makes me realize I can’t get away with just having blank signs. My current idea is to have icons on the signs, then have more info when looking at them:

New Monster: Garvak

Garvaks are bipedal frog-like creatures that usually live in small tribes. They are primarily hunter-gatherers, and can wield blunt weapons and spears. Their hierarchical level is determined by the mask they wear.

Better World Streaming

Streaming cleanly has always been a thorn in my side, and it continues to be. A lot of the issues are involved with the fact that Unity isn’t exactly designed for streaming out of the box – in build I bake my scenes into prefabs, and one cannot asynchronously instantiate a prefab. I have an idea that involves splitting these baked prefabs, but that will come later.

This week I converted my old crappy streaming code into a much better task-oriented system. This makes it easy to add new asynchronous streaming tasks, and has already resulted in a better fps when loading new chunks, since it distributes the load over time better.

A Discord!

A bit prematurely I decided to create a public discord for Ardenfall – if you’re interested, please join us!

That’s it for now

That’s it for the general devlog. Of course, a bunch of stuff didn’t make it – tons of bug fixes, and a lot of code organization, since I plan on adding a few new programmers to the team.

I hope you enjoyed this devlog, even though it was a bit short. Thanks for reading!

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