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Hello collective creative genius Sorry for the recent lack of comms, we’ve been nailing a whole heap of dev so that we can get this next MASSIVE update out asap, so without further ado:

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Hello collective creative genius

Sorry for the recent lack of comms, we’ve been nailing a whole heap of dev so that we can get this next MASSIVE update out asap, so without further ado:

BattleSeas Update – we’ve now added a whole heap of challenges too complete in 4 BattleSeas levels, ranging from Racing to Sieges, Fleet battles, treasure hunts, Hill Climbs and more! We’ve also added a map to these levels, with fast travel so that you can find stuff and get around easier.

Torpedo & Rocket Propulsion Blocks – just finished adding in two new very adaptable blocks that detach on a keypress and then accelerate away from your ship, giving you steering control for a limited time. We’ve found adding the new mine block to the end as a warhead is a nice addition and results in some lovely destruction.

Beta version of the next update is due out on 19th Sept for all those wanting to test it for us – we would truly appreciate it! Don’t shoot us if it doesn’t quite hit the 19th, there’s a lot to go in, and it WILL have bugs – which is why we need you to test it! J I’ll update as soon as we know more

ChangeLog below:

  • Verses mode - move starting location for player
  • Moved BattleSeas to top of main menu list so players start there
  • VFX - toned down vfx on fire cannons
  • Dorenmar Environment – Added lighting & variation
  • Terrain extension to Dorenmar
  • Fixed the twitchy glitching
  • Main Menu Tweaks
  • Upgrade the attach points visually
  • Fixed WEIRD coalescing on specific ship - 3rdratesol - physics was runngin 4 times for some reason!
  • Added new water cannon
  • NEW game start up - first time a player enters any mode, give them a popup screen with 3 options of ships to choose from
  • Implemented Keyboard assignments AND separate block triggers (i.e. can use propeller 1 at different time to prop 2 etc)
  • Battleseas – implemented the map & opened up the power options
  • Wrote a collider to capture the trees and rocks in levels so that we can collide with them
  • Grabber block is now available- can be loaded in editor with something(mine etc), then released, and attaches to stuff like a magnet in play
  • Added Torpedo Propulsion Block – can we deployed and the player drops into FPS mode on the torpedo and can steer it a little
  • Added Rocket Propulsion Block – like torp but in the air
  • Added Ballast Block 2 - Slightly heavier and round version of ballast - better suited for the fuselage of torpedo/rockets.
  • added time delay(user defined) to spring block release
  • Races are in – Basic (cc mario type limits), Wind power only races, Flail racing) - power limits/manifest setup
  • Added Winch & chain - winch type block which can be lengthen the chain in play mode.
  • Fixed BUG - Custom Joint issues with complex block hierarchies (Ref: Rotor and Winch/Flail)
  • Pivot joint - added option for this to only pivot or force pivot on key press
  • Map button - taken out of sandbox mode
  • looked at how to turn on melee weapons damaging own ship and then turned it on.
  • New Ship button - once selected, give selection of 4 base Hulls (1st is starting block then 3 others: Raft (Cog), Carrack, Galleon) for the player to select from
  • animated crab claw
  • Water cannon bug – fixed issue with near flames not going out
  • BUG – Fixed Wave Machine params that used to sometimes cause ships to somehow "fail" to do buoyancy properly.
  • Map - added player ship to map even when docked
  • Map - Added fast travel to challenges/races etc in map by clicking on icon on map
  • Added new races, various challenges, fleet battles, survival battles to all BattleSeas Levels.
  • Tweaked and played with the GUI a number of times until it was betterer.

As always, feedback and comments are very welcome

Have a great week all!


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