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I talk about myself (there's more of that to come,) with a cliffhanger ending.

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As of this moment, I am sadly the only individual working on The Edge. I've been told to drop this project and move on to a more realistic short-term game, but the grandeur of this concept keeps luring me back. I really want a game that is fun for me to play, and my expectations for visuals, story, immersion, music and replay value are rarely met. Maybe I should be less of a nitpicker when it comes to gaming, which is just an outlet for simple pleasure, but with the ambition people bring to film, music and art, why not press a little in a field where the technology to do so is readily available now more than ever?

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, so I embark on a quest to make a semi-playable game with a lot of ambition, a little know-how and a bit of time. That having been said, Cryengine 3 promises some results on my efforts, which have been modeling and texturing basic game assets. I am no skilled modeler, nor a skilled pixel-painter, so results have been mixed... But I should at the very least have a few presentable assets in due time. As a final word in the first installment of these Devlogs, of which I hope there are surely more to come, this project is likely one that will evolve and craft itself into something that its creator(/s?) will be proud of and will be a pleasure for at least one person (me) to play. I'll keep you posted.


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