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Hi everyone! Today for our first Devlog we want to share a bit of what to expect

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 1st blog of The Leveret Bow

To Start things off heres a list of things lets take a look at the Narrative Summary and some key features that will be implemented in the future

Narrative Summary:

The Leveret Bowis a 3D platformer/stealth in which you play has rabbit, that found a very powerful bow.Live a story about how this rabbit turned into a thief until he stole something he shouldn't and has to face the consequences of his acts.

Game Description:

In this game you play has a very skilled Thief Rabbit who steals loot and makes a legend of himself.You try and keep hidden has powerful people try and hunt you downfor stealing something you shouldn't that has a consequence now also heard about and want your bow.Find out how you get out of this mess on this 3D Person Platformer/Stealth Game

Key Features:

Bow and Arrow combat

Special arrows to easy traversal

Sneak or confront you enemy's up close or from a far

Steal valuable loot to increase your legend

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