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Post news RSS Devlog 12 - New Missions and Enemies Coming to Undercrewed

Check out the new tech we have for enemies; emp guns, enemy shields, boarding enemies, new sound tech, new aesthetic bullet changes, more/better debris, balance buffs.

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Greetings Captain!

I probably said the last update was the biggest ever, but the next one is even bigger!

cele preview 12s

If you wanted to get a preview of this update I’m going to put it on the Steam beta channel for a week or so until I know there are no obvious bugs. If you have not used the Steam beta before you can right click Undercrewed on your Steam Library and go Properties > Betas > Access Code: cooltestpilot

cele shield 1 vs

This latest update features the new level Celestus that has many new mechanics.

Enemies can now have shields of their own, this was so cool and entertaining to shoot up I couldn’t help but go back and add them onto a bunch of existing enemies.

shield anos

This level has very defensive enemies that have EMP attacks that turn off parts of your ship, you will find yourself having to run around repairing and using alternate rooms to stay alive.

cele preview 9

I’ve added in some pretty cool tech that I have been excited for. I’ve made it so that some sounds can be so loud that they obscure other sounds around them:

Main Changes:

  • Enemies that fly off the screen come back faster
  • Aesthetic changes for enemy bullet speeds
  • The Scarlet Seeker found a crash in the AI when playing online
  • An attempt has been made to fix crash on exit for Steam users
  • Debris from enemies move better (but I still hate how they slow down when in space)
  • Mission text now has subtle shadow to make it easier to read
  • Buff to blue railgun damage
  • Lots of the error checks have been removed for an all-around performance boost (this will make error messages worse)

For a full list of changes: Trello.com

Again this is just being deployed onto the beta branch, if you are quite happy to wait an extra week I will deploy it to live soon.

Lots of Love
David Strachan

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