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Today I want to talk about some progress for a few weeks.

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Hi! Some progress for a few weeks:

  • Completed the demo of the game for IndieCup (you can play it);
  • Made several little animations for characters and the environment;
  • Remade the technical side of the UI;
  • Added a few little features, like a level announcement;
  • Changed the music in the game (some complained about it after the demo was released);
  • Made it possible to turn off sounds and music in the settings (I did not have time to do this in the demo and this spoiled players' impression);
  • Fixed some bugs.

Well, one more piece of news: I will probably participate in the Steam Next Fest (formerly Summer Fest), which was announced not so long ago. There will be a new better-quality demo.

ScreenshotQ 03 04 2021 14 43 04

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