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Post news RSS Clash of Aggression 0.4.6 update: New Deathmatch game mode

New game mode Deathmatch! Now you can beat your friends in a fast-paced "Free for all" deathmatch game mode. You can play against one opponent or up to 16 players.

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Sometimes you get tired of killing hundred of enemies. Now you can take a rest and beat your friends in a fast-paced Deathmatch game mode.

Rules are simple, be the first to reach the frag limit. There are random power ups around the map, randomly generated, like heal and weapons. Explore a bit and find them before your opponents do.

In this game mode the player limit is set to 16. You can customize it if you are the host, as well as the frag limit.

There are more interesting options in the roadmap, like customizable random events during the match (like zombie hordes, super weapons…), penalties to campers and more classic deathmatch game modes.

Try it out in the demo and tell me what you think!
Don’t forget you should have port 7777 open if you want to play outside a LAN environment.

Stay tuned!

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