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DO YOU LIKE LOGOS!? We got good logos, bad logos, small logos, big logos, Decay of Logos, tasty mangoes, and fun Legos! CHOOSE YOUR LOGOS!!

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Hey! Who got this Scorpion, Segata Sanshiro, Old Spice Terry Crews looking guy in here? Get out of here!


For real though, tell us your favorite logo on the comments down below...

So, as you might have guessed, this past week was all about logos. What is usually a task reserved for the artist, this insurmountable ordeal involved all 3 of us... which is not saying much really, now that I think about it...

Ricardo, our artist, burst through the metaphorical doors of our houses screaming at the top of his lungs that he didn't had any ideas for a cool logo. The other 2 of us, being the sympathetic co-workers that we are, ignored this outburst of extreme anger and continued with our normal secluded lives. After a couple of days, we soon realized that ignoring an angry door busting man was not such a good idea, and that we should probably give him a helping hand. With that in mind, it was time to dust off those old Illustrator copies from the attic and get to work on learning how to use the software again. After several months of intense training, we finally got our skills up to snuff, and started working on some forgettable logos hoping that Ricardo would pick them up and use them as a basis for something far more interesting.

With that said, here are the results! I'd just like to make a quick disclaimer regarding the use of our secret formula/sauce, that we like to call Blast Processing™. It's our custom made tool that allows you to transform a mediocre level logo, into a design masterpiece, just like that! By using our Blast Processing™©® technology, you too can create a great logo without any effort whatsoever! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and retweet all our recent tweets @WildLynxDev using the hashtag #wildlynxsteamchain2020, and you'll automatically enter our giveaway for a chance to win a copy of our most prized BlastProcessingâ„  state of the art technology! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscri-


Whew! Whats up with all the barging in from all these random people? Anyway, here is an overview of the logo design process:

Logo 2

You gotta start with the best, and truth is, this classic approach that we've had for the longest time still proves to be the most popular, and by most popular I mean it got 4 likes on Instagram, beating the other alternatives. Here at Wild Lynx Studios that's how we measure quality, none of that idiosyncratic rating scales stuff. It's still the same logo we've used for quite some time now, but with a bit more polish.


unknown 2 1

In these two examples we tried to take some cues from the Art Nouveau movement, at least that was the intention behind it, but as usual, when you don't put in the time to fully research your reference material you get something that gets stuck in that awkward middle ground, leaving a lot to be desired.

And now, the laughing stock of the day, the sad attempts from the non-artist guys of making something that somewhat resembles a logo:

unknown 3 1

unknown 1

Here you can see my (game designer's) sad attempts of making something inspired by the iconography and visual language present in the steam trains of old. The quality of the end result is disputable, but some people found this approach remotely interesting, providing an incentive for our artist to try his hand at polishing this messy logos.

unknown 5

As a bonus, we have this cute attempt from our programmer trying his best to make a logo, proceeding immediately to give his work to the artist in order for him to apply the volume effect on the letters. Don't worry though, we made sure to give him a medal of participation... good job Duarte!

Obviously we also experimented with other stuff, like this... thing here, the author of which shall remain unnamed:

IMG 20200513 110653

But that's about it. Overall, taking into account our initial foray into logo design, which you can check out here, (shameless plug) I think there has been a clear improvement, and that's what matters in the end. Or maybe what matters are the friends we made along the way... one of those two, at least that's what some say.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this silly thing. And if you just looked at all the pretty pictures, don't worry, we all do it. Have a good one.

Oh, and serious social stuff if you're into that kind of thing:

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