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Hello everyone! We hope you are all safe and healthy. This time we have some interesting mechanics to show to you guys! For the last couple of weeks, we started to make some sweet development in Unity!

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To show you guys our current progress and a sneak peek on our ideas for the game, we started to build a Blockout with some of the core mechanics! Currently, it's very raw at the moment, but the main idea is pretty much there. Today we will show 3 different aspects that define Bloodlinks adventures!


One of the main goals on this journey is to do your job as a Red Globule, and for that, there will be a large amount of these tiny Bubbles that will represent the Oxigen, from a videogame perspective, this will work as a Scoring System, but it will not end there, this Bubbles will also have a great impact to the Red Globule life and more! We hope we can share with you guys soon on all the functions those collectibles will have!

Work Together!

A defenseless lady, and a brave defensor! These 2 Heroes (cells) will find challenging situations that will require some teamwork! They complete each other, the functions will be split up, both must clear the path, one destroying the enemies and the other solving puzzles!

Sometimes alone, sometimes not!

Most of the time, these 2 will be together, but at certain points that will not be possible, as such those players must, individually, overcome some puzzles and challenges by themself!

And for now its all, we will post more news as soon as possible, we are very happy to see Bloddlinks growing, and we hope you are too, stay tuned!

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