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Development Update Highlights: New Models! Command Center, Refinery, Drill, Power Distributor, and more. New Features Implemented: Salvageable Items, Tech Lab Bench, ECS Sound!

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Welcome to the first of many Steam Devlog updates for Hostile Mars! Each Devlog I will be reviewing what is being worked on and other interesting aspects of the development process.


For the last few weeks a number of assets have been created and/or revised to be bigger and more detailed. Here are just a few:
Command Center:

Hostile Mars Command Center

3D Printer

Manufacturing for a variety of parts and pieces.

Hostile Mars Printer

Mining Drill

Collect that ore!

Hostile Mars Drill

Storage Silo

Hostile Mars Storage Tank

Power Distributor

What did I tell you, no more hanging wires!

Hostile Mars Power Distributor

I've been super focused the past week and have made great progress on the coding side of things! I've implementing the following features:

- Material Processor Controller

- New sound effects engine using ECS

- Finalized first 6 Base Upgrade Tiers

- Salvageable Item Pickups

- Enemy Drops: Scraps and Energy Cell

- Revised Enemy Spawn Controller

- Revised Tech Lab Bench UI and Controller

I've fixed a few bugs as well:

- Fixed Slide Animation Glitch

- Fixed Enemy Projectile Impact bug

New Inventory Items Implemented:

- Steel Plate

- Carbon Steel Pipe

- Aluminum Wire

- Scrap Metal

- Salvaged Wires

The enemy models just started getting touch ups as well. Next week I can show the progress that has been made with the meshes and the new Hoverbot Gun designs.

Back To Development!


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