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First entry telling a bit about the game itself with some status and links.

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Defend the King is an upcoming game for PC that combines tower defense and platformer types of games.
Safeguard forts and castles from waves of enemies and fight monsters in dark dungeons.

About the game

You play as a wizard who can jump, double-jump, use items and cast spells like fireball, frostbolt and lightning bolt.

The game is divided in two parts, the first where every night you have to defend the castle and collect coins to hire guards to help you. Then, depending the stage, you have to go to a dungeon and kill many enemies to find the boss, a devil who is lurking at the end of the stage. In this dungeon you will also find traps and items to collect.


The game is in early development stages and is being crafted by a two-person team: @luciddesignart and @marcelofg55.


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