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A quick update to let you know I am still here and working

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So it has been a bit of time but I am back on here. Since my last post I have been working on a few projects, one to get me a bit more familiar with coding (working on a security program to learn a few things I need) and the other being a project that is more art heavy then Zomble Outbreak. I will continue to post updates here and on my new site but mostly on my site since it will be the fastest point that I have these updates. Currently Zomble Outbreak is one of my 2 projects that I am working on and I am doing two projects so that if I get burned out on one I can jump to the other. The other thing that has slowed me down is that my E drive which I use for processing stuff has started to die meaning I have had to work to backup my files to 2 external drives while I try to get it replaced. For more info please check out my website as I will work to get updates on there and my newly made Patreon as I work.

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