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Post news RSS Development Update No. 5: Hiatus is Over

We discuss how the development of the mod is now back on track and reasons why there was such a distance between updates.

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With no updates since April we would like to apologize it was wrong of us not to let you guys know that we were on hiatus. So what has been happening?

I had fallen I'll to an artist's block: designing levels was like a chore as I knew what I wanted but getting there was starting to look like an infinite stretch of road, and with the biggest test before the Summer coming up I went off the mod for two months. Through study and a summer camp to refresh my memory and to clear my head I am now working on the arenas.

Good news: the demo room is now made and just requires the other three maps to be finished. Through a month of hard work I've finally finished it. The map can be seen below, we hope you like what you have to see: Imgur.com

To conclude: I'm just one guy working on this. So if the deadline for the mod is looking grim I might just make the mod three arenas or I might hire new mappers to join the team and to help assemble the maps, I currently don't know.

Take care,

- Aidan Maxwell (TheDoctorPoo)

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