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Things are starting to take shape: planet upgrades work, the core research tree is there and producing research and money works. Latest feature is building ships in all sizes: small, medium and huge :)

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Lots of things have been accomplished in March:

  • Planets are created with various levels of planet size, minerals and terraforming
  • Planets can be upgraded to fuel depot, mine, colony and star base
  • The main research items for weapons, shields, production and range bonuses are there
  • Ships can be built in all variations: small, medium and huge
  • Menus for everything above

Things on the to-do list:

  • Fine tune the map generation to be a little more "sparse" at least in the home base. Right now you can be born in the middle of enemies
  • Refine the cost balance, i.e. how much for how much
  • Refine the research bonus levels
  • Refine the missiles vs lasers vs beams balance so that each would offer a meaningful choice
  • First attempt on the enemy strategy AI. Either the enemy needs to be "born ready" (easy and boring way) or be capable to expand autonomously
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