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Development on the game Ceres rages on. Playable demo in the works, release date on the Demo before end of May. Changes to ship movement orders and time control.

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Development update:
Movement control has been upgraded.
We have added double click movement. Simply double click into the direction you want to go and the ship will do its best to move directly into that direction, press s for stop!. This allows for some fun flying. Fly around stations or asteroids or other other ships. We added this method because we expanded the size of the "Encounter" maps by a factor of ten or so in some cases.
We have also added time control to the game. Now you can increase, decrease and pause the passage of time quickly. This allows the player to move quickly over vast distances, pause the game when suddenly overwhelmed, or speed up those repairs on your ships that are taking too long.
You can still use the plane movement method to move your ships to a given position as usual.

And now news on the Demo.
We are working on making a playable demo. Planned release date is before the end of May this year.
This Demo is the first mission in the game, the first step in the main storyline.
Its starts with a option for a tutorial (I recommend people do the tutorial at least once).
After the tutorial the player is given directions to the first mission.
The Demo will allow the player to take on a few missions, trade minerals, modules and ships. Do modifications to his ships, mine asteroids, combat, scavenge... Basically all that the game currently has to offer, except for the large Solar Map.

We are planning on starting a Kickstarter campaign after the failed indiegogo campaign. Hopefully the demo will add that extra spice to the crowdfunding campaign we need. We are planning to do a much better job than the last one... :D
Date hasn't been set.

We will of course honor those people who funded us through the indiegogo campaign. You will get what is yours.

The Ceres Team.


Yeah Getting even better Awesome

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Sounds great, can't wait to play the demo

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tryggvienator Author

Release of the Demo need to be delayed. Sorry.
We are maybe talking about 2 weeks or a month in the max.
The first mission needed to be changed and a performance error( which has been fixed) caused delays and the loss of my sanity.

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