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This week - Squad hotkeys, tons of graphical upgrade awesomeness, and non-wonky building entrances

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I finished up the keybinding work that I started last week by adding checks against duplicate keys and some messaging to the user. From there I moved onto the start of some functionality around setting hotkeys for selected units so players can better manage their armies. But that doesn't make for good screenshots. Instead, I highly suggest you scroll down and see what Todd's been up to. It's ok - you won't hurt my feelings.


I continued the process of converting to PBR shaders this past week. There are some quirks with how we have to use reflection probes since we don’t really have typical camera angles (at least it seems the probes would be more friendly to first person camera perspectives). Sometimes I have to blend two probes at drastically different heights to avoid getting odd edge lines cutting through planes. Overall the process is going smoothly though.

The ambient light source and the ground color will have a far greater effect on the new textures. One key thing to note is that this scene I am using has a “sun” lightsource that is as intense as I predict we will ever use, so the ground color is coming through at its peak. Also some buildings are far less affected by these changes. If it doesn’t have a lot of metal or glass windows the effects are mainly in how the ambient lighting works. The tenement is a good example.


Our game revolves around moving inside and outside of buildings, so the next step for me is to use the exterior model and the concept art/ building layout provided by Todd to create that model. This is a pretty simple process. I am just making sure that the big empty space is cut up into the proper smaller spaces. Once that is finished, I unwrap that and throw it onto the rest of the texture sheet for the building. The only thing left to do at that point is to make and position the collision so that people can’t just phase their way through the walls/buildings.

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