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Procedurally generated levels, snakes, improved visuals and more!

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Greetings, Striving Sketchers!

A month has passed, therefore allow me to show you what's been cooking!

Procedurally generated levels

In the world of indie games one of the most common thing you could encounter would be procedural generation... and screenshake.

Antipaint already had its fair dose of screenshake, so it was high time for me to implement procedural level generation. It's a neat little system that uses a wide variety of preset spawn patterns, a randomized enemy roster, a literal difficulty curve and a few other fiddly bits to create unique levels.


It can create levels of varying length, difficulty and artistic styles for the infinite enjoyment of the player. It's a well needed breath of fresh air and allows for some very fun capabilities like daily doodle challenges, infinite levels or just plain old procedural levels. I want people to be able to create unique paintings each time they play and the procedural generation system has huge potential in that regard. Needless to say, I am very pleased.


Oh no, some slimy slithering snakes have invaded Antipaint! Only a true master painter can defeat these foul beasts!


Improved visuals & sounds

Last month I spent a lot of time tweaking and changing the game UI. I'm not done with it yet, but I like where it's going. I've also tweaked the visuals of a few projectiles and added a few neat sounds, courtesy of my friend, CookieSalad. Thanks!


Everything Explodes

I've added an "everything explodes" modifier into the game. It creates some sick chain reactions where an exploding enemy causes nearby enemies to explode. It's a fun little gimmick and it will be very fun to create a few levels with it.


Other Things

Meanwhile I've also been working on a few premade levels, fixing a bunch of bugs, adjusted some particle sizes and various other tweaks and tidbits. Progress, progress, progress!

Thank you for your interest in Antipaint. If you hadn't already, please wishlist and follow the game for more news and updates. I really appreciate it :)

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