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Development on PA2 starts up again. This time it's in Unity and not BYOB.

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I guess I’ve started development on Phlobb’s Adventure 2 back up. I’m making it in Unity this time because anything would’ve been better than Scratch/BYOB. Scratch and its more advanced derivative simply aren’t made for making big games; I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought they were. The framerate when nothing was happening was 40 and it dropped down to 15 when I was making PA2 on there. They’re so many more limitations in addition to that. I’ve had Unity on my computer for a while now, but I really couldn’t get into it at first. I tried that “learn everything on my own” route and failed, but after watching tutorials and following along with them, it’s all becoming easier to understand. A lot of things are also conveniently streamlined, like physics and animation. Comparing Unity to Scratch, it takes much less time to make some things. Building levels is all a matter of loading the entire thing in and adding colliders to it. This quick video is a result of that. In Scratch, every level had to be loaded in 480x360 pieces because anything larger would automatically be downsized to fit the screen. BYOB may have eased making the pieces move together, but each piece still needed three parts for the physics to work. Everything was sluggish in Scratch and every part of the game suffered because of it. Unity allows for so much more to be done. Unity Unity Unity blah blah blah

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