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Read the latest news about Brand City resuming development and how it has been decide.

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Hello everyone, I would first like to say thanks for the patients of those who have been waiting to play this game for a long time now, hopefully people haven't give up hope on this project.

Anyway Black Wolf Games are now the leading name for this project and it is no long in the hands of MrMadGameplay but it is still the same person running it. This also means that the game is due for a major overhaul, all the place holder items are now going to be removed and replaced with themed items that actually go with the design. Enemy's are no longer going to be dumb ninjas that run in a straight line, they will be really enemy's that can run towards the player, jump to higher ground and more.
There is also going to be a upgrades menu so players can upgrade all there weapons to have perks like faster reload, more accurate aim, more range and stronger ammo.
Another overhaul is in the lighting system, it' is no longer going to be a single texture change but a totally realistic light system.

There is loads more to come and more information soon.

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