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Week 7 since the Kickstarter campaign successfully completed. We are making progress towards a pre-alpha build that we will use for a big Twitch event held at the end of January. Plus, more great concept art for cards.

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We are targeting to have the pre-alpha build done before PAX South, which starts on January 29. In preparation for that we have set up two intermediate goals of having 1) a Scrimmage Loop where there is deck loading and saving and playing against your own decks, and 2) a DB Loop, were rooms and clients talk to the database, so we can play each others decks. Then the third stop for the pre-alpha build would additionally have a solid pass on shell, cards, and levels with limited content.

Aegis Sentinel

Aegis Sentinel

This last week the teams worked on:

  • Engineering worked on card features including number parameters, enemy deck on the boss, started buff during windups, buff during windup, counting in parameters , and boss windups; ​game features including scrimmage loop, pulling Battle from specific scenes, setting up boss test; UI features including My Labyrinth screen, shell flow, deck builder anchoring to proper ratios, tooltip display, hero preview scene; tools for design including a Google Sheets to Unity Editor data converter; backend including client to DB interface, managed entries , server build tools, and public leaderboard API.
  • The art team worked on animation including Mecha Scorpion takehit loop and stun, blind and skid, death, controller, Minotaur Ranged Attack 1 and 2, and characters in-game pass; concept art including Bane and Ziggs coloring and portal concept; effects including Prepare Fire 2, Prepare Warfare 2, Prepare Warfare attack 2, Fury gain and kicker revisions, Skulduggery Buff, Dodge, and Heal Warfare; UI art including Shell art, matchmaking subscene, card art integration, tube pulling screen, landing screens, and the Starfall Landing screen: tower texture details, flat building texture, flat building textures done, tweaks; and 3D modeling of the Sun Priestess.
  • The design team worked on boss design, map/scene integration, defensive cards including Warfare deck and Ancient Master boss cards.
  • The audio team added 21 unique sounds to in-game effects.

Ancestral ThrallAncestral Thrall

Twitch Streaming Event

Whether you plan to stream or watch, pencil in January 29th for the start of the Twitch Streaming event of the upcoming pre-alpha build of Labyrinth. Once we have more details available, we will announce it in the articles here and other online channels.



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BurezuWolf - - 248 comments

Great work on the concept arts! They look friggin awesomee

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