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Post news RSS The Standardisation Update ARTICLE (v0.2-alpha)

Finally reached 300 different types of ships (added roughly 20). Created a "start.txt" file so that new saves will begin at Coruscant. Added a few locations to the map, standardised weapons and lowered the recharge rates of shield projectors.

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The Standardisation Update (v0.2-alpha) – Changelog


- A/SF-03 B-Wing
- A/SF-03 B-Wing (Fighter)
- BTL-C Y-Wing
- BTL-C Y-Wing (Fighter)
- Fang Fighter Black
- Fang Fighter Black (Fighter)
- Flarestar-class Attack Shuttle
- Hapan Battle Dragon
- Hoersch Kessel Drive Core Ship
- Krayt Lav
- LAAT/i Gunship
- Ranger Gunboat
- Resurgent-class Star Destroyer
- YT-1300 Freighter (Quantum Destiny)


- Descriptions and land for a few systems
- Added a start.txt file so that players start at Coruscant


- Descriptions and land for a few systems
- Added Kiiro (fan-made Planet, eventually the storyline will start here)


- Standardised all weapons (rather than having individual outfits for different ships)- Adjusted the hull and shield damages of multiple weapons- Lowered the shield recharge rate for all shield projector

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