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Lots of new prop models and awesome tiling textures done with Substance Designer.

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New week, new content! We've spent the past week working on many new prop models, to be more precise we've spent the time on signs. Popup signs, foldable standing signs, store signs etc. Besides that I've spent some weekend time honing my Substance Designer skills to get as good looking tiling texture as we have on our props :)

Today I've just finished working on our brick substance and the corresponding material which can beautifully blend between painted and unpainted bricks!

Check out the building in the center, it renders the new brick textures, which has been done with substance designer.

Check out these beautiful store shutters:

Store shutter textures done with Substance Designer, rendered in UE4

Store shutter textures done with Substance Designer

Yeah, and about those signs.... Check out how many there are of them :D

Sign Prop Model Asset Test


And finally, if you've wondered how such a Substance Designer material is being constructed. Check out the insane node graph of the brick material.

Brick material node graph in substance designer

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