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A quick summary of Brunelleschi's development states on all 3 clients.

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Brune has been in development for years. So where are we now you wonder?

For those who don't know, Brune has a Web Browser version, a 3D Client Version, Android Version, all Free-To-Play and never Pay-To-Win.

Web Browser Version

The Web Browser Version (BruneGame.com) is almost ready for 1.0 launch! Margaret has done an impeccable job for how busy she is! We are hoping to release it by the end of September and launch a fundraiser to help fund necessities for the game! Want to follow updates for the web game? Click here for the Changelog. Our newest updates added UI changes and tons of bug fixes! Remember, if you run into anything like a bug or anything, PLEASE don't hesitate to shoot us a message on Facebook or email! We encourage criticism and feedback. Don't be afraid of hurting our feelings :).

Prison Actions as a Sovereign

Magic Bandits Encounter

3D Client Version and Oculus Rift

The 3D Client is still in Alpha stage. Rebecca (Unity Designer) and Margaret (Browser Programmer) are working hard to bring the game to life in both the 3D Client with Oculus compatibility and the Android Client. Rebecca and Margaret both have a lot of work in their hands! But for the Unity client so far, Rebecca has done an awesome job! View our Changelog to keep up with the updates here! The big newer update added a wardrobe function and new character models (as seen in pictures)! You can also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to keep watch of our updates :D.

Inside the Lighthouse in 3D PC Client

Wardrobe Function Added

Character Models 2

Central Exchange in Oculus

Android Version

Our newest update for the Android version added Actions! View Rebecca's blog about that update here. You can also view our Changelog and see everything we updated here! The Android Version, since tied to the Unity engine, is still also in Alpha stage. But we are still hopeful and preparing to go to the Mobile Gaming Conference in October.

New Actions for Android Client

Mobile Storage (Demo)

Please visit our Facebook Page and shoot us any questions. You can also follow us on Twitter and message us there for questions, comments, feedback and criticism. Thanks!

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