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Post news RSS Development progress #2 (Zombie Lord part 1)

Cursed Coins development progress during ~2 last weeks. New boss: Zombie Lord introduction and first 2 stages, new enemies. Leveling system for characters and skills.

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Development progress #2

Hello, everyone!

I want to share what has been done in the last almost 2 weeks and what I am working on now.

Leveling System

Characters level

Leveling System

Last week I finished leveling system. It has a quite simple implementation, each enemy can give shared experience for everyone and additional experience for a character who killed it. Experience numbers are not final, but I won't spend much time on them now and make balance changes later.

Skills level

skills lvl

With each character level character gets 1 skill point. Max character level is 20, so 20 skill points for each character. Each skill have 5 levels and the skill level is visible below skill icon. If where are multiple skills in the single skill slot, for example second character 3rd skill, they are both leveled with single point, so at max level all skill will be leveled. Also last skill for each character can be leveled every 4 levels. At the moment where are no skill progression between level 1 and 5, but I plan to update this just after I finish working with a new boss.

Boss: Zombie Lord

Zombie Lord

Zombie Lord will be 3rd boss, but I started it earlier because decided to participate in Cartrdge: Art and Animation contest with this boss.

Zombies during fight

Like every game boss, this one has unique abilities and unique boss fight. Simple zombies will be spawned during all boss fight. This boss has 3 different stages, each stage change boss actions. Also, boss will look slightly different in each stage. I already finished first 2 stages and working on the 3rd stage. Drawing different stages and also transition animations require additional time, but I hope this makes the game more interesting. So, here is first 2 stages.

Zombie Lord stage 1

Zombie Lord stage 1

During the first stage boss constantly summons zombies. Most zombies will be Zombie Servants and there will be chance to summon Zombie Giant. Both zombie types are new, which I added together with this boss during the last week and more information about new zombies is below in this article.

Zombie Lord stage 2

Zombie Lord stage 2

When the boss takes enough damage he goes to stage 2. During transition animation he is immune to damage and just after the animation ends boss starts to attack. In this stage boss use only basic attack, but there will be Lord Lamp, which also is like an enemy and can be attacked. Lord Lamp continues to summon zombies, but if taken enough damage it will stop summoning them. Attacking Lord Lamp will be optional and players can focus on the boss, because during the transition to stage 3 he will destroy it.

Zombie Lord stun

Also during the fight at stage 2, the boss will be stunned few times. At the moment it is very short, but I will increase the duration if this fight gets too hard in the end.

New enemies:

Zombie Servant

Zombie Servant

Very similar to simple zombie except they are already aggressive and don't has revive chance. Summoned by Zombie Lord boss and Lord Lamp.

Zombie Giant

Zombie Giant

Bigger and stronger zombie, make surrounding zombies aggressive. Do more damage than current enemies. This enemy is also summoned by the Zombie Lord boss and Lord Lamp, but additionally will be encountered during the combat in enemy waves.

Lord Lamp

Lord Lamp

A lamp which is carried by Zombie Lord. During Zombie Lord fight stage 2, lamp is dropped and become as separate enemy. It has the same ability as Zombie Lord at stage 1, which summons Zombie Servants with chance to summon Zombie Giant. Lord Lamp cannot be destroyed, but if taken enough damage it will stop summoning zombies.

Other changes from last week

I added auto reloading and updated grenade skills. If you missed my last article you can read more about these changes here: Closed Alpha testing results and changes

Auto reloading

New targeting system

That's all for now and thanks for reading.

Thank you!

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