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The development for this game has been put on hold for unknown period of time.

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I'm putting the development for SubTerra on hold for some time.
I've had some frustrating moments of coding of late and it was driving me nuts.
I like to switch projects to calm my mind. Ease my hatred of the problem. Gain new perspective, that sort of thing.

I will be working on a game called Ceres that I will onto this site soon.
Its a 3d space sim. Combining Sid Meier's Pirates! and Homeworld.
Trade mercantile, buy and upgrade ships, mine and loot and blast ships to smitherines. The games uses a power management system and armor is divided into sections. left right up down front back so it matters what side you turn towards your target.

Anyhow.. I will return to the development of this game in due time.

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