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the new features (shadows, gloomy maps and unit limits) are explained.

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New Features:
- blurred and less colorful maps,
since the contrast between units and the map has been too low, these effects can be activated to increase the contrast. These effects can be applied via the options, so people liking it more colorful can deactivate these effects.

- shadows,
now flying units have a shadow, so you can distinguish those from ground units. As the other effects this can be disabled for performance increasement, but the shadow effect doesn't use very much GPU power up.

- unit capacity,
you can now add a unit limit to the game (default is still NO LIMIT). But since a unit limit like you can only build 100 units would lead to everyone just building the heaviest units, I decided that units require a diffrent amount of unit capacity. So you can build lots of infantry, but only a few warmachines. [marginal note: On my 4 year old laptop the game runs fluently with 7 AI Players and about 300 units per player. When you set the quality of the Fog Of War to simple, you won't have much lag.]

Explanation of the Multiplayer (only LAN!):
I'm sorry but I wasn't able to include a full multiplayer. The Multiplayer in the game is working like this: Every player is playing on his own map and is only connected to the other players via a portal. If you send units into the portal, then they will appear at the Arrival Portal on the map of the other player. There an AI will send those units to the enemy and attack him.
I know you are probably disappointed about this, but I'm not going to include a real multiplayer, since I lack proficiency in the field of network-programming.

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