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Post news RSS Development hours 37-43 now on the Gamieon Blog!

I maintain an hour-by-hour blog of my 48 hour "almost game jam" which spans about three weeks now. I posted an unexpected update and I'm pausing the project until the Photon Cloud, which powers the networking of the game, is back online.

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A critical thing I didn't mention in my initial news post is that I maintain a blog of hourly updates to the project. You can see my running blog at Indiedb.com .

I pretty much post in whatever intervals I feel like, and I'm at a good breaking point while I wait for the Photon Cloud, which powers the game's networking, to come back online and stay online for at least 24 hours. I need to rest up and prepare for another week of work at my full time job, so there probably won't be any major developments until next weekend.

Remember, this isn't a 48-hour-straight personal game jam; it's 48 total hours over about three weeks since I have little spare time which I also use on other projects.

Existing blogs

Hours 1-16

Hours 17-24
Hours 25-36
Hours 37-43

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