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Quick update on some changes with the most recent Development Hell upload.

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Just added the Open World Update, Alpha 0.8, of Development Hell. As you might have guessed, this update was primarily aimed at fixing up the open world area of the game that players stumble through near the end.

As always, new jokes have been added and old jokes have been polished. The world was made a little easier/more difficult to navigate. Some broken quest lines were fixed so they can now be played to completion. All the lame jokes from the branching section were stripped out and replaced by jokes I actually like. Some interactions were added that can only be completed if you start collecting items from the earlier areas, just to be difficult. Also one or two things were changed in the earlier levels which bothered me. I know all that is vague, but it’s a narrative game, and being to specific ruins things.

For more info on the game, check out the IndieDB page here, give feedback on the RoastMyGame page here, and as always, actually play the game here.

And now, onto the scavenger hunt.

Reggie, the disembodied prize head, still has not been found from the last update, so for now, he will stay in the Parkour Area. If you find him, he will give you a code word to send into unstable.studios23@gmail.com. If you are one of the first three people to send in the code word, I will buy you any steam game of your choice under $5. It’s not a whole lot, but indie budget and all.

Step by step:

-Find Reggie in the parkour kingdom.

-Click on Reggie and write down the code word

-Email the code word to Unstable.Studios23@gmail.com


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